Thursday, October 27, 2011


       So I have a band named Art Wilson. There are three of us in it. Its me, Jesse Phillips, and Landon Rogan. We have never had any good pictures of the band...So at a show last year I made Allison take some pictures while the band hung out. This was not a photo shoot or anything. 

I quickly realized how tough it would be to make us all look "cool". We all looked too stiff and dorky. The best pic was taken while we are playing. That pic is below. It is good because you can't really see us. I am not saying we aren't good looking. I am just saying I don't know if we go together.

 Picture going to a party with two friends. One wears a suit with a top hat...One wears duck head shorts with a ducks unlimited shirt and a baseball hat backwards....and the third person is dressed like a dirty cleaning just doesn't work. People would look at us weird. 

I mean the best part of the pic below is Jesse......who is that guy? Why can't we see him? Is he playing with us and if he supposed to be playing with us. I think Jesse is the cooler one in the band as well normally so whatever.

So this past weekend, I asked my beautiful wife if she would humor me and take some pictures of me outside with a piano. I was lucky that my friend John came over and helped move the piano. It was to see if I could look cool in pics. Plus my band said it was cool for their to be pics of just me since the songs we play are the songs I write....anyway it was a photo shoot kinda but more just for fun....allison is a miracle are a few

Don't I look cool and deep?

Monday, October 17, 2011

I still do this

         I wanted everyone to know that the other day I saw a calculator that no one was using at a friends work while I was out and I immediately typed this and showed it to a few people. I AM 32!  I dont remember the whole story and equation on how Dolly Parton gets to that number though.

Then right after I typed it I felt bad. This was soooo stupid and shameful. If I am going to type something so immature...why would I type boobless? So I quickly corrected my error

Saturday, October 15, 2011

What else can I do?

Do I have the power to move objects as well and just not know it?  I am going to assume I can and just not try it.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Looking for nice pants...

       So a while back I was looking for some cool pants to wear impress entice people to use me as a real estate feel better looking and more know...nice cool pants. Well in my search I thought I had found the ones for me.  When I decided to see how it looked in one of their model pics...this is what I saw

Really?  That high?  That out there?  Some really dorky penguin man pants??? No thank you! At least not yet. Give me a few more years