Sunday, December 18, 2011

Game On Santa...Really?

I love Santa!
He travels the world spreading joy and hope while giving gifts. Look at the guy.

Look at him!

So he is nice, jolly, and giving.
 He loves animals and kids.
He is wise.
He rewards good behavior which promotes great values to future generations.
He has that awesome grandpa feel to him.  

I mean Santa loves kids a lot which I have a lot of respect for. I like a few of them...and can't stand a lot of them! 

This Santa guy...well he loves all kids.

Yet you have those that choose to pick fights with him.

The thing about this video that angers me isn't that Santa is being made to feel like a fool.  The thing that angers me about this video is that the lady who is trying to hurt the nice fat old man...well she is an idiot.

Why are people sooo confident in situations where they should have zero confidence?

So Santa brings free gifts...well this lady doesn't want his free gifts....she wants to pay for all of them smart lady.

This lady doesn't even let Santa know not to bring the gifts either....she wants to wait to tell him when he gets she is wasteful again but in a whole different way. Not even a "whoops I forgot" wasteful....but a "I'm a jerk"wasteful. Lets waste time and resources shall we?!

She also waits for him on her roof which has snow on it....late late at night....and not just any night ...Christmas Eve?  So now she is putting her life on the line to show this nice Santa guy what a jerk she is. She could die while her kids sleep but she doesn't care....she wants to pick on nice old fat man who is giving things away.  

Then...just to add to her stupidity and misplaced anger...she kicks a decorative Santa statue off of the roof??? Not just any roof...but her roof!!! Not just any statue....her statue!!!  Lets assume that her husband put the statue on the roof.  So she doesn't care about her husband now either all while trying to pick a fight with Santa. Now she is a bully

So she disrespects Santa and her husband. She puts her life on the line which shows she could give a flip about her family including the kids she bought gifts for. She stays up really late on this roof in the snow to pick a fight...which shows she's insane..

all of this I clearly see....yet there she is...being overconfident that Santa is the real jerk here.  

Watch it one more time now.....DO IT!!! Santa isn't feeling he is being out done by the lady..he isn't scared he might lose his job. Santa is actually scared...for his life. No longer will he fly to this house if he makes it out alive and I wouldn't either if I were him.  

Santa..I love you and you are always welcome to bring me whatever you want.