Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bruce Willis sounded asian for a second.

I was watching Die Hard 2 the other day on TBS or something.  I happened to jump right into the movie near the big climatic scene. Knowing that Bruce Willis normally cusses here...I was quite interested in how they were going to pull this off without looking stupid.  Well the people editing this video decided to just go for full on stupid. 

I know this video is a little off but wow...Mr. Falcon????? I was sooo distracted by what I heard that I tried to make sense of it. Was there a bad guy named Mr. Falcon?  Are planes called falcons? Was Bruce Willis possessed for a second by a asian ghost who had just been talking to a Mr. Falcon?  Who is named Mr. Falcon anyway?  It sounds like a generic pilot from a war who saves the day. 

ANYWAY...I couldn't think of anything to excuse it. It was such a poor job that I ended up losing all emotion in the scene. Upon more research, Allison and I discovered that the guy who edited the sound has a cult following.  People somewhere were loving Mr. Falcon.

Not this guy...sorry Mr. Falcon....I am not buying it!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Judge Ross...Seriously?

I love Judge Judy and also Peoples Court. They hold a special place in my heart. Its the same feeling I have for The Price Is Right. I am not going to go out of my way to watch it all of the time but when I am home laying around and especially if I am sick......ohhh weeee....Its party time. Actually you know what.....I feel the same for AFV. That stands for Americas Funniest Home Videos.  Anyway....

The other day I was home in bed sick...and I turned on the TV to find Peoples Court on. It was great. I love watching the judges use facts and their wisdom to see right thru people and make great judgement calls.  I even strongly believe that you can learn a lot from these shows....You can learn law which is good...but the best part that you can learn about people.  You see how crappy and stupid they are.  

Well After Peoples Court a new show came on called America's Court with Judge Ross. 

Let me tell you something. It was horrible. To tell you the truth...the other court shows all stink....but this one....well it just sucks!!!  You want a judge who bases decisions from law. You also want a judge that eliminates drama to clearly see the problem at hand....well.....Judge Ross didn't do that at all. He actually created Drama.

I won't go into specifics about this case I saw but basically a punk kid got fired from work for using the company cell phone for other things than just calling. He was told not to and did anyway and it ended up costing the business 300 dollarees. The kid never paid the owner took it out of his last pay check. The kid also added on a 7000 dolaree suit for sexual harassment toward the owner.     Are you all still paying attention?? here you go

Anyway...the judge rejected all of the kids points and sided with logic most of the case. Even the harassment had no proof and sounded sooooo stupid...well at the end....he made his verdict.
"So I find in favor of the defendant for the cell phone for the sexual harassment...I think that something did happen but not 7000 dollars worth. So I am awarding the plaintiff 1000 dollars."

 I was shocked. I am still shocked. I have seen soooo many shows like this and never anything like this.  The next day I got Allison to watch one of his and she thought the same thing. He's horrible. He Based his decision on no facts and not even a compelling argument!!! NO FACTS...NO GOOD ARGUMENT!!! NOTHING!!!! Now some lady is guilty of sexual harassment in TV world forever.

Whew...calm it down David

But look at him...I mean he looks like an idiot. 

Would you trust the truth with someone like this? I would trust him as much as I would trust his deputy....ZERO!!!! Would you trust your kids with them?  Look again....NOPE!

 Plus he doesn't wear glasses like true judges...

Not only do they look smart...but they also give you the BS DOESNT WORK HERE look. 
Would you mess with Judge Judy?  I wouldn't and she is a tiny lady. 

Also I wouldn't mess with Judge Milian either. She is a latin pistol that speaks a few languages. Also if I did try anything with wouldn't be in would be on a date. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chuck Sherman Vs David Crawford

Since 1999, I have had random people across the globe tell me that I look like Chuck Sherman. for those who aren't familiar with this fellow....Chuck Sherman is the Shermanator from the movie American Pie. I have always tossed this to the side because people think redheads look the same....I have even had some asian and black friends tell me redheads look the same. When that happens I look at them and ask them "Surely you are not going to say that all redheads look the same"

Well lately I have gotten tired of it. Now when someone asks....I look at them and ask them if they think I truly do or if its just because I have red hair and tiny eyes.  They usually stick with it.  Well now I just think those people are dumb. I have an adopted friend that people would always say looked like his parents....these are the people I am talking about. 

Anyway here are some pics of me and Shermanator...try to look at how we truly look a lot differently. Change my hair color if you like.

While I was working on the blog my wife set out to find out as much information on Shermanator as she thing that we thought was weird is that his birthday is 3 days before mine.  We also went thru hundreds of pics to find something that might could be me....this was the closest one we could find out of soooo many...and then me....I see more in this one but once again its mostly hair based. 

So in closing, I don't look like him really at all....but I do have red hair which includes having really white skin. I do have tiny eyes and my head is kinda long like the Shermanator....but I can name lots of people with that and no one would say I look like the person....its all the hair...

Shermanator even said this in the movie "I'm a sophisticated sex robot, sent back in time to change the future for one lucky lady."

I would never say this.....

ok I would but never seriously