Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chuck Sherman Vs David Crawford

Since 1999, I have had random people across the globe tell me that I look like Chuck Sherman. for those who aren't familiar with this fellow....Chuck Sherman is the Shermanator from the movie American Pie. I have always tossed this to the side because people think redheads look the same....I have even had some asian and black friends tell me redheads look the same. When that happens I look at them and ask them "Surely you are not going to say that all redheads look the same"

Well lately I have gotten tired of it. Now when someone asks....I look at them and ask them if they think I truly do or if its just because I have red hair and tiny eyes.  They usually stick with it.  Well now I just think those people are dumb. I have an adopted friend that people would always say looked like his parents....these are the people I am talking about. 

Anyway here are some pics of me and Shermanator...try to look at how we truly look a lot differently. Change my hair color if you like.

While I was working on the blog my wife set out to find out as much information on Shermanator as she thing that we thought was weird is that his birthday is 3 days before mine.  We also went thru hundreds of pics to find something that might could be me....this was the closest one we could find out of soooo many...and then me....I see more in this one but once again its mostly hair based. 

So in closing, I don't look like him really at all....but I do have red hair which includes having really white skin. I do have tiny eyes and my head is kinda long like the Shermanator....but I can name lots of people with that and no one would say I look like the person....its all the hair...

Shermanator even said this in the movie "I'm a sophisticated sex robot, sent back in time to change the future for one lucky lady."

I would never say this.....

ok I would but never seriously


  1. Well, as a fellow red head I too get aggravated with the silly things strangers say to me out in public. The least perverted and probably 2nd popular question I get is: "Does your hair match your attitude?" My response is always "I dunno let's find out!" I've never actually been told I look like a fellow red head, but I have heard we have no souls and bad case of rage! In closing... RED HEADS RULE!

  2. You don't look like the Shermanator!

  3. so you agree that you have the same hair, skin and eyes, but think that you don't look alike at all.

    ...i see.