Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bruce Willis sounded asian for a second.

I was watching Die Hard 2 the other day on TBS or something.  I happened to jump right into the movie near the big climatic scene. Knowing that Bruce Willis normally cusses here...I was quite interested in how they were going to pull this off without looking stupid.  Well the people editing this video decided to just go for full on stupid. 

I know this video is a little off but wow...Mr. Falcon????? I was sooo distracted by what I heard that I tried to make sense of it. Was there a bad guy named Mr. Falcon?  Are planes called falcons? Was Bruce Willis possessed for a second by a asian ghost who had just been talking to a Mr. Falcon?  Who is named Mr. Falcon anyway?  It sounds like a generic pilot from a war who saves the day. 

ANYWAY...I couldn't think of anything to excuse it. It was such a poor job that I ended up losing all emotion in the scene. Upon more research, Allison and I discovered that the guy who edited the sound has a cult following.  People somewhere were loving Mr. Falcon.

Not this guy...sorry Mr. Falcon....I am not buying it!

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