Monday, March 5, 2012

Allison and Dad are some rocks of mine.

One year ago today I was lucky enough to marry my love Allison. It was a physically dreary day but it was such a beautiful day. In fact I would have it no other way. So many loving and close people came to celebrate with us. I was gaining a beautiful and strong lady in my life and I couldn't have been happier. It was such a special day.

 It was really a process of gaining a new rock in each others lives. The ceremony was really justAllison and I running thru the rock rules. We need to be there for each matter what is going on...we need to be there for each other. Allison and I are going to go thru a lot but a rock is something so important to have.  To let someone else be a rock for you is scary. You put so much into a person and hope they don't leave but hope they stay and help.  To truly appreciate have to open up to the rock....share experiences together...

It was so important to me that if he was able to...I wanted my dad to be my best man. He couldn't hear and had struggled with dementia and heart problems for years. I was told by a few to choose someone else. There was no choice to me. My dad had been my rock since I was born.  I mean a rock. A very strong loving man with a charm and humor that makes you feel at peace. My dad was there and we all celebrated together. It was such a special day.

Well my dad passed away this pass tuesday and though the day was was again a beautiful day shared with so many loving and caring people.  I lost a big rock in my life in my dad. It has hurt me so. I am going to blog on that later but not having him here is so hard. I can't put into words our bond or his love or my pain. That was a year ago that I gained a beautiful wife Allison.

I didn't know how Allison or I would handle this...Allison already having lost her parents and me losing one of mine for the first time.  Well Allison has been awesome. I wouldn't have been able to make it without her. She did everything asked and more. I can't tell you how much peace she has brought to me thru this hard time. I really lucked out with this rock of mine.  The loss of my dad hurts me so. I know I will lose more as life goes on but Allison reminds me without saying a word how much I have gained thru it all.

Here is a picture for our wedding last year with my dad and me walking together. I say goodbye to you for now dad but I will see you again. Until then...I know I have a beautiful rock here in my wife of a year.    Happy Anniversary Allison!!! I love you so!!! I hope to be a rock to you Allison as my dad was for me. Love you dad!!! Goodbye......for now


  1. Beautiful blog David! Love you both. Sad to hear about your dad, he was an awesome guy. Happy Anniversary to you both. I love y'all and miss y'all.


  2. im crying my eyes out. i love all yall and have always enjoyed n loved Johnny n the whole family. I'm struglling myself because my life is crushing down on me because I have NOONE even close in tuscaloosa and all my fam is in dothan and I wanna move back so bad because I feel like I'm loosing my sanity, for real. Just know I've always looked up to you, respect you, and love you and also, I'm always here for you brother.

  3. what a sweet tribute. hugs from harpers

  4. love you david! i know writing this out was a sweet way to let allison know how much you love her and i'm betting was also a good "release" for you. you've been in my thoughts, i'm praying for peace for you! it sounds like God is already leading you through this and your dad is watching over you, he's still a rock, just not one you see anymore. big hugs!

  5. I love this blog post David. I'm so sorry for your loss. I know you will see your Dad again some time. Huge hugs going to you, and I'm so glad you have Allison there to support you.

  6. what a great read to end my day... I'm glad I am a rock and I have a rock in you!!! LOVE YOU!! Happy Anni!!

  7. Totally crying right now, David. This is so beautiful and my favorite blog post I've read in a long time. So you CAN be serious, huh? :)

    Love you guys and I'm so sorry for your loss.