Thursday, June 28, 2012


I love lazy rivers! When I was a kid I actually thought they were kinda boring, but I loved the idea of them.  Maybe I like them because they are like a clean moat around a castle...maybe I like them because its a strange mode of transportation. I love trains and their tracks so maybe this is just past of that in a different way.  Maybe I love that you can get in and not do a thing and you move. Well since that time I thought they were boring...I have aged....and become kinda boring. 

When I was a kid I always spoke of a dream house for my family, friends, and I. My original idea was a grande house that had a great garden where my mom could spend all of her time. No other worries... she could just garden which she would love. This house was also to have a pond where my dad could go and sit, read, nap, and fish. He would love it. I use to tell people this and they always thought it was nice.  I was sincere.  Then my house turned into this large house that was really many houses combined. In each different part of the house was a different friend. We could all have our space and yet still be able to hang at any point.  

Well as time went on, I found out how crazy my ideal house would prob make me crazy.  Being around people that much would be insane....especially since most people are crazy and have soooo many problems they don't want to address.  I still think that the garden for my mom near my house would be nice and the pond would have been awesome.

Then I started turning my ideas to stuff for me....I wanted a train going thru the on silver spoons. I wanted that. I still do....if not like least a little train going thru. 

Then I decided on a lazy river in a house....oh man. You can get in and float to other parts of the house. Also if you had to get somewhere and not be wet you could ride a SeaDoo or something....the walls would have to be high enough so as to not get stuff wet.  Anyway I recently saw this online.....

It is not quite what I was dreaming of but its headed in the right direction.  If I ever make it big...its coming...and friends and family are all invited.  It would make me soooo happy. 

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  1. this is noelle...I TOO HAVE HAD THIS DREAM!!!! mine was just my own lazy river ride outside, though. like if i won the lottery. i never thought of one inside. it would be cool to float to one part of the house like to get something, and then you'd get a good workout going back against the current. shipwreck island in panama city is my favorite water park, and the first place i experienced the gloriousness of the lazy river